Our Cause

Inspired by the January 2011 Ensign story of Sedrick Tshiambine of the DR Congo, we are giving 100% of the proceeds to young women and young men who would not be able to serve a mission without the help of others. In order for Sedrick to serve a mission, he had to earn enough money to purchase a passport, which is $250 (about 2/3 the cost of building a home there). Sedrick cycled 9-19 miles a day across the hot African savanna to outlying villages to purchase bananas, which he would then return to the city to sell. He averaged about 112 miles a week, earning him $1.25 each week or $65 a year. Undaunted, he continued carrying his heavy laden bicycle until he had enough to purchase his passport 4 years later.


The purpose of our race is not only to gather runners together to have a good time achieving something physically great, but helping others achieve something spiritually great at the same time. Many cannot serve others because they cannot support themselves to do so. We are a non-profit 501(c3) and run by volunteers. Join with us and donate to Saints and Sinners Half here or donate directly to the General Missionary Fund here. Every little bit helps (remember it took Sedrick a month to earn $5.41). Thank you.